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Smart Diagnosis


Diagnostic  Tests

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Welcome to Cure and Care

Healthcare stands to be the biggest challenge in North and East Odisha regions.”CURE & CARE” (A Polyclinic establishment par excellence)initiates its drive to address the healthcare challenges encountered in these regions.

  • Smart diagnosis, tele-healthcare(video conferencing) and prompt follow-up executed by top-cadre doctors called in from different parts of India.
  • Diagnostic and Pathological Tests through modern equipments.
  • Complete health record bank of the patient maintained and updated with every check-up.
  • Complete pharmacy set up within premises /campus.
  • Complete O.P.D in a single roof.

Message From Cure and Care

Dear Health Seekers, Struggling for health!!!

Diseases may attack secretly.

We are but open fighters.

We assure your smart services.

Your life could be smile-full

and immune to diseases, thanks to our seasoned efforts.

Cure and Care multispeciality clinic welcomes you.

Keep going with us….

Our Health Obligations

We undertake social works through–

  • Free home delivery of the medicines for the helpless patients.
  • Free health check-up mission for school going children and physically challenged persons.
  • Research and Development work-shops respecting latest findings.

Our Credentials

We comply with —

  • Fire Safety provisions
  • Pollution Norms.
  • Waste Management Procedure.
  • Classic Sanitation and Hygiene.